Monday, 31 March 2008

How Cool is School?

On Saturday, we (2 sons and me) went to my eldest's school to start making costumes for the Brighton Children's Parade. It was so well organised by the teachers, all the children were divided into the costumes they are wearing, plus parent escort! So we had to make hats using willow, which was quite ingenious. I've never used willow before, but once wet, it bends nicely. One talented person was making a huge willow sculpture, which looked incredible. Luckily the youngest just hovered by my feet or sat on my lap, happily watching what was going on. Not so luckily, the eldest and his friends started to get a bit restless.

Although when it came to the paper mache-ing it was more of a hit. We have another marathon session at the school in a few weeks, which might be more chaotic as not everyone attended the first session, so they will have a lot of catching up.

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