Monday, 23 March 2009

Fabric Heaven

Over the last 2 months I have bought a "little" bit of fabric, as I felt my stash was a bit boring and not very big or appropriate for the things I wanted to make.

I just got some extra fat quarters for the baby blanket that I will be making in the next few weeks.

I'll be adding it to the animal/ fish prints that I already own! I also picked up some pink sunflowers as well, which I thought might compliment some of my other pink fabrics.

I just had to get this, which may or may not go into the quilt, as it's so adorable. Love it. (The only reason it won't go in the quilt is if it doesn't fit with the other fabrics)

Here is my stash of fabric, which I plan to use a lot of with projects from Seams to Me and Weekend Sewing amongst others.

So in no particular order:

This amazing multicoloured and multi patterned Kokka fabric, which I think is incredible. I'm thinking about a top and a skirt. And maybe a tote bag as well. Love it, got to find exactly the right projects before I cut it up. I picked this up at a Sewing and Craft exhibition that was on in Brighton in February, which was pretty disappointing, apart from the Eternal Maker's stall, where I picked up all my fabric from, and discovering Gossypium.

A closer look at the Kokka fabric

Another view, I love the sheen on the fabric, giving it a slight iridescent feel.

Some buttons I picked up at the same show, as I need to increase my selection of trimmings.

I could not resist this Alexander Henry Apple and Pear fabric, I really like it. I think this may be turned into the big market bag in the Weekend Sewing book. It's ace!

I also picked up some Amy Butler fabric, the one above on the left, I think I'm going to make a summer top from. The one on the right is from the Nigella collection and is forest passion vine. The one on the left is from the Lotus collection and is slate morning glory.

Here's what I have from her Midwest modern range, mostly bought from Cotton Patch store online. I wanted to get fabric with the same tones and matching colours so when I want to create a patchwork piece, I've got fabric at my disposal.

I do adore that limey green and pink combination. Absolutely fabulous. I am planning on making the "I want one of those" bags from the AMH book, Seams to Me.

Talking of whom, I bought these fabrics from an Etsy seller, and thanks to Royal Mail got a lovely £8 charge plus my Vat charge - the VAT I didn't mind, it's the £8 that Royal Mail steal for doing what exactly? Anyway, I digress, these are brightly coloured and amazingly designed fabrics from the Garden Party range. AMH fabrics in the UK cost £10 or so per metre, so buying from the USA can be cost effective.
That rounds up my new fabric, which I cannot wait to make more from.

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