Wednesday, 25 March 2009

loose threads

(I love the pattern you get on a new spool of thread. )

Well, I've done my inventory for new thread, but couldn't help but play along with the ones I've got already. I did an emergency top up from my local wool shop, but they don't stock the make I like or a wide enough colour selection for what I need.

(The inside of my sewing box, upper level!)

I need some reds, pinks, richer colours than I have, some limey greens, in a few tones, purple and a lilac.

The last of my Sylkos.

The few Gutermans I seem to have, although I go through these quickly! I do have a 1000m white to keep me going!

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Jamie said...

My FAVORITE thread, you can buy online -
It's so cheap and you get SO MUCH - I never have to change my thread!!! Plus, it's really nice quality.