Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sew It Up

A must have 300+ page sewing technique manual

Recently I came across a textile artist called Ruth Singer (what a perfect name) who makes, I think, fantastic textile art (although I could not get my husband to like them, no matter how much I explained the craftsmanship etc) so no textile wall art for us!

felted pebble cushion

ruffle brooch

The talented Ruth also has a blog
The Mantua Maker which is worth a meander over.

And the reason for this post is her fantastic sewing bible, Sew It Up, which is a hefty tome of sewing techniques which I think is invaluable to any (reasonably) serious sewer. It goes into great detail to explain various techniques, and then gives you a chance to practice with some projects.

frog fastenings - just in case!

faggoting seams - I'd never heard or seen these before

suffolk puff cuff

fancy folding techniques

super twirly skirt
I have another sewing technique book, a Readers Digest one, which although good, looks very dated. As you can see there are loads of photos and diagrams to show you exactly how to do all the techniques.
obligatory apron


This book is definitely worth investing in, even if you don't make any of the projects, you will be able to apply what is in the book to anything else that you do sew. It certainly will be a book that I keep reading and looking at, to make sure I learn the best way to approach projects.

pages on seams


back cover

I notice that Ruth has another book coming out in Autumn, an eco sewing book.

And I have pre ordered Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing book, which I was sold on once I read this interview between Erin and Heather. Plus her website. Luckily the wait isn't long as it comes out in the UK in 2 days time, phew! If you get this book, check out her website for errata and faq.

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