Monday, 2 March 2009

Sorry I've Been Away

I haven't actually been away, but life has been very busy of late. Not that I had forgotten my blog! I do have one admission, I can't find my camera, I put it in a "safe" place (ie where my children couldn't find it) and now I can't find it!

Still I've been up to bits and bobs.

Firstly trying to teach myself crochet (mixed results so far!) I've been using library books (Jan Eaton's encyclopedia), you tube, web tutorials and Attic 24's patterns to get me going! I'm using yarn from my stash so apart from buying some different sized crochet hooks, I'm keeping the cost down.

Talking of keeping the cost down, over here is the latest Tie One On's Apron theme of No $$ apron! Sounds good to me, as I'm trying not to buy anymore fabric, but I really should finish my apron that I started making ages ago, then unpicked and then put away, defeated! I think I may be psychologically ready to approach it again!

I also saw a window of opportunity yesterday afternoon, youngest one asleep, eldest one watching Scooby Doo 2 to get going with my Simplicity 3835 pattern.

Firstly I traced the size I wanted onto tracing paper, then cut that out. Then I cut out the fabric. Then I followed the instructions (6 or 7 points at most) and sewed it up. It did come together really easily. I got slightly confused about the sleeves, but probably because I was being harassed by the elder child, Scooby Doo 2 not lasting forever and all! But it was incredibly straightforward. Anyway, as soon as I can find my camera I will post a pic here and on Flickr!

I did also do some papercutting (remember this post) and I really liked it.So I may well be making some more cards using this technique, for the ones I love! Again, will post pictures, funnily enough my husband bought me a laser cut heart card, so we were on the same lines!

My sister has asked me to make her a quilt for her birthday, a lap quilt in the coins style, in oranges, browns, reds, golds, touch of pink perhaps! She wants it to fit in with her lounge. Her husband likes the house cool, and my sister either shivers, or puts more layers on! Still their carbon footprint is kept down! I have till October to make that! But I thought I'd write it down to remind me.

My eldest turns 6 on Saturday. He didn't want a party so I'm taking him and a friend to a local Zoo and play park which should be good. I can't be bothered to make a highly decorated cake, I'm going for a chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting and decorated with chocolate buttons and maltesers for total chocolate indulgence!


Hen said...

Aarrgghh, only just yesterday, I was tidying in my den and picked up the cut-out-but-not-sewn pieces for that very same apron you have pictured. I made one ages ago and it turned out nicely though doesn't look as good on my ample figure as it does on the model on the pattern! The hand sewing takes an age which probably puts me off. I really must finish the other one though- especially as I have just ordered a Tanya Whelan apron pattern too! Hope your son has a good birthday, how I wish mine would not want a party! Cake sounds yummy. By the way, if you are in a choc cookie mood, the double choc chip cookie recipe in Nigella Express is fab...
Hen x

Kristen said...

I just started trying crochet, too! I found that some of the videos on YouTube helped a lot (although some of them are terribly un-helpful). Good luck with yours! :)