Sunday, 22 March 2009

Somehow I Made a Bag Yesterday!

Although I'm going to redo the bias binding.

I started this bag a while back, and for some reason I put it on the back burner, I think it's the fabric. I'm quite "safe" in my fabric choices, and this is a little outside my comfort zone, and I just don't know if I like it or not.

Anyway, there seemed to be loads of steps, which just put me off, and I made the bag in a slightly different order to her instructions, so I was forever checking that I had not missed anything out (my fault not Anna Maria's).

I have a feeling I didn't make my bias binding on the bias - like what was I doing that day? Plus my machine was evil yesterday, and I was using my seam ripper a lot as it screwed up the stitches for me, so the binding looks fulls of holes and badly put on. So for my sanity, I will in the next few weeks repair it and redo it. Then I'll have to decide if it's for me after all.

The material is a Anna Maria Horner material from her Garden Party range called Centerpiece in Navy, I think. It is a lovely quality fabric, the lining is that gorgeous turquoise blue, also from AMH's Garden Party range, called Ice Mingling. Plus a yellow cotton fabric from my local fabric store to bring out the colours in the Navy Centrepiece fabric.

I like the size of the bag, a decent everyday size (not as large as my fabulous Pleated Beauty Bag, from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules book, that I use all the time, a year after making - ooh, I just noticed she has a new BTR book coming out in August, USA, cool!)

Due to the fact that I made it from such a large pattern repeat, it cost quite a bit, as there was a lot of wasted fabric, although I'm sure I'll use bits of it up down the line. But I didn't want to cut into the flower, as that would have looked rubbish!

And you may be wandering about the state of my sewing machine, which yesterday would not work for me. Well I got out my manual, and opened it up, defluffed it, gave it some oil and it was a lot happier. I have to admit, I have never had it served in the c7 years I've had it. But it only cost £100, so I'm not sure it's worth spending the money on, unless a part breaks. I guess it depends on what a service costs and what they do? If you have any experience on that, let me know!

So I'm a little sewing demoralised after all of that, as the unreliability of the machine is very annoying. Still I must start cutting out my fabric for my quilt, that is once I've got my maths right, which I don't seem to be able to do! I'll keep my chin up, and wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day, if you are one! If not hope you had a great weekend!
I do hope my Weekend Sewing is delivered tomorrow!


Hen said...

I wish my Weekend Sewing would come too! In my experience, the cost of servicing the machine depends on the make; standard makes tend to be about £25-30, expensive models about £50. Whenever my machine has gone dodgy, I've generally upgraded to a better machine instead; you don't waste the £25 on a service of the old machine and the shop gives you a part-ex amount for the new machine.
I made the Taxi Tote, it's a handy size and the bag I currently use. The shape of the pattern piece with that long handle makes it very wasteful on fabric in my opinion but as I patchworked the front, I cut and pieced separate pieces for the handles. I just hate cutting out bias strips - another very wasteful use of fabric as you cut straight across the middle diagonal!

Christy said...

what a pretty bag and such sweet fabric too!

craftyclaire said...

It is a waste of fabric for sure, but I'm going to be doing a few quilts this year (hopefully! machine willing) so hopefully I won't bin too much fabric!

Thank you for all your support and nice comments.

What are you making first Hen, from Weekend Sewing? I like the look of the Blouse. I'm going for the female clothing. That's where I want to progress to this year : )

Rachel said...

I love the bag. Really pretty material.

Lindsay said...

I am in love with your purses! I love your bright, bold patterns. This Navy floral Garden Party is my absolute FAVORITE! I am on a bright "blue" kick right now (I bought the cutest 3/4 sleeve sweater at Old Navy yesterday that would go GREAT with that purse!)
I have added you to my "inspiration" list on my blog, and am so excited to be a "follower" to check out your new creations.
Keep up the BEAUTIFUL work! :)