Friday, 12 June 2009

don't eat me, mummy!

"don't eat me, mummy"

Having children can be the craziest ride at times. But the way they see the world, their use of language often leads to a lot of laughs. I've decided to start documenting their sentences that crack us up, as it's these simple things that often mean the most.

So my youngest, age 2 1/2 last week, said to me, while I was kissing him, "don't eat me, mummy" . He was quite serious!

I'm quite tempted to do what Angry Chicken has done, as they would make fun family cards! I'll keep you posted on the weird and the wonderful that comes from my offspring's mouths.

We're off to London tomorrow, so have a lovely weekend, and I'm sure I'll have some piccies of dinosaurs and so on after the weekend!


KL said...

My son said something like that previously, "you're not going to eat me, mummy, are you?". He is completely delicious, in my opinion at least, but I haven't eaten him yet! Have fun with the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

The funny things chidren say, the card ida is a fabbulous way to remember them!