Sunday, 7 June 2009

Poppy Fields and other delights

Poppy Field
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This is where I spent part of the day, a beautiful poppy field, on the road between Falmer and Woodingdean, Brighton. The poppies were taller than my youngest son But my husband was taking lots of photos, and it was nice enough to wonder through, admiring nature, and wondering why there weren't more bees to be seen.

Then we went off to the beach, when roughly 10 minutes later the storm from the east headed our way! So back home we went.

what a sky!

This morning we all went to a localish swimming pool, with currents, slides, water canons, and lots of fun! Too much fun, as the eldest just wanted to play and not swim!

Being a backwards post, yesterday we went to a lovely park, so the children could have a good play. The plan was to sit on our rug and not get up until it was time to go. But of course, we couldn't, so no rest for me or my husband either!

Yet another lovely weekend (which also included homemade scones, clotted cornish cream and fresh strawberries! Summer is here!)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!
I live in Brighton and would really like to see these poppy fields. How do I get there from Falmer station? Is it accessible by bike? Kind regards!