Thursday, 25 June 2009

shoes your way

I saw these shoes over at Katie Did, and thought that was pretty cool.

Well, you can get the same thing , over here in the

So if you are arty and talented and know how to use Illustrator/ Photoshop then you could design a cool pair of shoes for yourself, or someone you know. The only thing, is the price from £50-60 for canvas shoes in the UK or $75 on the US site (plus they are doing free shipping at the moment). Typical, that it's cheaper overseas, but you may get hit with tax! It's nice to know you can do this, if you wanted to!

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Anonymous said...

fun shoes! My daughter bought a couple of pairs of baseball boots and decorated them. One white pair had a sharpie pen attack and the other were appliqu├ęd. Great diy fun for a teenager.