Thursday, 4 June 2009

Made By Me

Made by Me by Jane Bull, is a book aimed at school age children (6/7+) as a first textile/ yarn craft guide.

It has very clear step by step instructions and photographs of the following crafts:

French Dolly Knitting
Hand Knitting

With some sweet projects for making, including:

a fabric doll and matching clothes
an embroidered sampler
a drawstring bag
a purse
felt brooches

I would have loved a book like this when I was younger. I actually bought 2, as they were £2.99 each at the book people, so I am giving one to my niece as a birthday present, and I will make her up a craft kit to go with it, so she can do many of the projects in the book. Her birthday is not until January, so I have plenty of time to buy and accumulate what I need for each project.

My one criticism is that it is aimed at girls. My eldest son wants to make an Adipose (alien from Dr Who) so as long as I don't print my pattern on the net, I hopefully won't be sued by the BBC! He can learn the basic sewing stitches to make it.

We decided that we would make an alien doll, using the basic doll pattern and then customising it, the way he wants to (maybe 3 eyes, green hair, a vertical mouth; who knows?)

So we will be using the techniques in the book, a bit of applique, embroidery and sewing. Sounds good to me!

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