Monday, 1 June 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Due to the weather, we all had a wonderful weekend.

I was so happy that I didn't have to wear a coat, jacket or even a cardigan, just a top and skirt or a dress. My legs and feet like having the air against them!

On Saturday morning, we went into Brighton, I needed a teeny bit of fabric, and to pick up my library books, and my husband went to a hardware shop for some bolts!

Then we met up and all had a drink at carluccios, outside, on the pavement, in the sunshine! Fantastic!

In the afternoon we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. They live in the countryside, and we hadn't been there before, but it was quite wonderful. Their garden was huge, and divided into sections. They had a vegetable garden, everything looking good in there. Then their main garden, with a lawn, loads of shrubs and trees, and a summerhouse. Great to hang out in, then round the corner, more trees, a swing, some chickens, a bee hive and a pond with a deck and seat! And then more land, which they are digging over and doing at present! It was like being on holiday going there! It was so lovely. Very different from our flat and 2 balconies in the city!

The BBQ was great, and at the end of it all we all had tea and coffee in their conservatory, which had beautiful plants growing up the walls, with flowers in boom, there was a maple, a passionflower and another gorgous pink climber (not sure of the name).

We left with some eggs from their chickens, and smiles on our faces!

Then yesterday, I took my 2 sons off to the beach. We went to the children's paddling pool first, we got there for 10am and it was already pretty busy. after 1.5 hours there, we went on the beach. The boys collected large rocks to build a fortress with! It got too hot for me at that point, so we headed off to get some lunch and then off home for some painting and crafts!

The sun certainly wore us out. But it was a great weekend, I'm hoping every weekend will be like this until September/ October, but I doubt it!

I hope you had a good one too! (Camera ill, so no photos)

PS I did start on 3 different skirts! I've washed the red linen mix fabric for my Colette Patterns skirt, I started to make the yard sale wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing (I needed to line it as I've used an embroidery anglaise fabric and it's too see through!), and I have cut out my trellick pattern skirt from Clothkits. I aim to do the Clothkits skirt today, the yardsale skirt in the week and the Colette Patterns skirt next weekend or so!

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